Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Things Your Cleaning Service Would Like To Tell You

Many of us are considering or have already hired a person to clean our house. Something only done by the wealthy twenty years ago has now become commonplace for those of us in the middle class. As we routinely work more hours, the time needed for house cleaning can be spent more profitably on other work. But as we are not millionaires, we need to make sure communication is open so we can get the best result in the least amount of time. 

Have a thorough initial consultation. Provide complete instructions concerning access. A lockbox is an inexpensive solution for a single-family home. Condo dwellers with a doorman can leave a key. No doorman? Consult your association as to what their rules are concerning lockboxes. Most cleaning services will have supplies but if you have certain preferences discuss them and have supplies available. Pets? Provide special cleaners and deodorizers. Discuss how extensive the cleaning is too be. Are they doing laundry? If so, put said laundry away or leave it folded on the bed. As much as you would like to be there, leave the home during cleaning. They can work much more efficiently without you hovering. 

Keep the house cool for the cleaners. Lower the air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter. House cleaning is hard physical labor and is done much easier when not in a sweat. I used to joke that I would have to clean before the cleaners came but this is true in a way! Try to clear the clutter for them. Is your crew doing dishes? Place them in the sink and presoak. Clear tables and beds, it is a waste of time for them to put things away. They are there to clean. Invest in an air cleaner, it really reduces dust. Everything you do will help your crew to be more efficient, thereby getting done quicker and costing less. 

And finally, be realistic. If you have a large house and several children, it will of course cost more than a single person in a condo, but after an initial cleaning and a little work by you before the cleaners come, you can save time and have a clean house for not too much money!

Kathleen Weaver-Zech and Dean’s Team Chicago