Now is the Perfect Time for a Chicago Picnic

Now that Chicago's Phase 4 of reopening is underway, our options for getting outside and enjoying the warm weather have increased. However, many of us are still apprehensive of congregating in public spaces so soon with COVID-19 still a real threat to our health.

Restaurant Review: Gulliver’s Pizza & Pub

It's been months since we were able to write a restaurant review. Thanks to Chicagoans doing a great job of social distancing, the city has been able to reopen restaurants, and many other attractions that remind us of what normal was like before COVID-19.

Kathy’s Home & Garden Tips – Wasting Time Is Good For You

Years ago, most everyone worked an 8-hour day and that was pretty much it. We left work and would not give it another thought before returning the next day. Now with technology, we are reachable 24 hours a day.

Eye-catching Ways To Decorate With Plants

Using plants as décor is a great way to add a little color and a natural, bright feel to any room. There are endless types of plants to choose from and various ways to display each one.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Summer of 2020 in Phase IV!

As the city continues to reopen further so we can enjoy our summer of 2020, this weekend in Chicago is now in Phase IV (Gradually Resume). However, our usual summer weekend festivities will most likely be canceled in person but continue virtually!

Chicago Enters Phase 4 Of Reopening, But Plan Ahead

Chicago is set to begin Phase 4 of reopening the city on Friday. With this expansion, there are plenty of questions from entertainment-starved citizens on what will open, in what capacity, and what guidelines must be followed to ensure everyone's safety.

Chicago Rooftop Bars Open Now

It's been quite a while since Chicagoans could get together with friends and family to kick back and enjoy a drink since the COVID-19 shutdown. As the city enters Phase 4 of reopening, let's take a look at some of the great rooftop bars open now in some of our favorite Chicago neighborhoods.

Kathy’s Home & Garden Tips – Microwave Hacks

Disinfect your cutting board- rub both sides with a cut lemon and microwave for 1 minute. Disinfect your sponge- wet and wring out, microwave 2 minutes. Crisp stale chips- lay on a paper towel and microwave 15 seconds...

Happier Hardwood Floors

Tips for cleaning your beautiful hardwood floors and keeping them looking great. Hardwood floors make for a beautiful, stunning addition to your home.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Celebrating Dads – With A Few Adjustments!

A few adjustments will have to be made this year as we celebrate our dads on Father’s Day. As usual, Chicago has everything you’ll need to make Sunday, June 21, 2020, a special day for dad!

Chicago Area Drive-Ins Offer Safe Escape

Mayor Lightfoot recently announced that the Lakefront Trail east of Lake Shore Drive will open on June 22. In addition, bars, breweries, and taverns will be open for outdoor service starting June 24. Slowly but surely, Chicago is beginning to look like the city we all love again.

More Chicago Restaurants Open for Outdoor Dining

More and more restaurants in Chicago are now open for outdoor dining as the warm weather increases and COVID-19 restrictions continue to ease. While social distancing is still a must, at least we now have the option to order some delicious food and give frozen pizzas and typical take out a break.

Kathy’s Home & Garden Tips – Healthy, Happy Gardening

All of us gardeners know we feel better just digging around in our gardens. Just the action of pulling weeds or transplanting can leave you with your spirits lifted. With the expansion of community gardening, approximately 115 million people now have access to gardening. And that is a good thing!

Five Tips For Selling Your Home In A Hurry

There are a lot of factors that will determine how quickly your house is sold, and it’s important to tackle the factors you can control. If you’re still living in your home while trying to sell it, these are a few simple ideas that can help speed up the home sale process.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Not Your Typical Summer Season!

It looks as though we’re not going to have a typical summer this year in Chicago. So far, the city has canceled Lollapalooza, Taste of Chicago, and the Air & Water Show. Hopefully, we’ll have some smaller neighborhood and suburban events taking place so we can get outdoors.

More Chicago Restaurants Open for Outdoor Dining

Today we continue to spotlight the restaurants that are now open for outdoor dining in our favorite Chicago neighborhoods. While we are all thrilled to get back into the world after so many months stuck indoors, be sure to practice social distancing and wear a mask to avoid possible exposure to COVID-19.

Chicago Restaurants Now Open for Outdoor Dining

Chicago has entered Phase 3 of the city's recovery plan to begin stepping outside the shadow of COVID-19. While dining indoors is still not an option, outdoor dining is in full swing in many spots throughout the city.

Kathy’s Home & Garden Tips – Essential Items to Keep in the Car

I usually clean out and rearrange my car in early spring when my Grandsons' baseball games make it a necessity to make sure my first aid kit is up to date and that I have instant ice packs just in case.

Revamp Your At-home Workspace

Nothing ruins a workday like not having a designated, comfortable place to work from. And when you are working from home, whether it be temporarily or indefinitely, setting up a great workspace gets even tougher.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Still in Virtual Mode for Weekend Activities!

As we inch closer to the beginning of our summer season, Chicago has moved into Phase 3 of 5 by cautiously opening the city. So, needless to say, we’re still in virtual mode when it comes to our usual weekend entertainment of hanging out in big crowds of people!

Chicago Sports Legends: The Chicago White Sox Part 2

Today we continue to shine a light on some of the best players to ever wear a Chicago White Sox uniform from across eras and decades. While the owners and players battle over what to make of the 2020 MLB season amid the COVID-19 pandemic, let's take a look at the past of the White Sox history.

Chicago Sports Legends: The Chicago White Sox

While baseball fans wait to find out exactly how the 2020 MBL season will unroll, we continue to look at great players from all of Chicago's sports franchises. Today, the Chicago White Sox are up to bat.