Chicago Home and Lifestyles - Caring for cast iron cookware

Cast iron is the original nonstick cookware that can withstand extreme temperatures even in the oven. It comes in all types from regular skillets, grill pans, to griddles. Your grandmother used one way before nonstick coatings became all the rage.

How to Sell Your Home to Family Without Making it Complicated

If you’re planning on selling your home, you might have a relative who might be showing interest in buying it off of you. That could potentially make things a lot easier for you...

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Kick-Back – Relax – Enjoy Spring!

The roller coaster of temps from cold to hot are settling down to where they should be just in time for another beautiful May spring weekend here in Chicago! So, kick-back, relax and enjoy what this weekend has to offer!!

Neighborhood News - Lincoln Park, Old Town, Magnificent Mile, Museum Campus, Chicago Loop

Spring, thy name is now Chicago! It’s time to explore new worlds and boldly go where you haven’t before. And Chicago's neighborhoods are stepping up with awesome new activities and gatherings to bring us all together.

Restaurant Review -The Piggery Restaurant & Rooftop

Chicago weather has sure been crazy these past few weeks! From 80 degrees this week to April snow, area restaurants have needed to prepare for the best and worst of times during the spring season.

Chicago Home and Lifestyles - Keeping calm during an argument

We’ve all been there. You feel the adrenaline kick in, your face gets hot, and you are suddenly ready to say things you may never be able to take back.

Boost the Value of Your Property With These 10 Simple Home Improvement Tips

Want to boost the overall value of your home? It's a lot easier than you might imagine. In fact, a few key updates and changes can really hike up your home's value with minimal work and investment up front. Consider the following tasks to help increase the value of your property and build instant equity.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO - Variety of Celebrations Take Center Stage!

This type of weekend has been a long time coming here in Chicago! Not only are there a variety of celebrations taking place, but the weather may actually be sunny, warmer and dry for a change. Take advantage of this weekend because you’ll never know when the next one like this will come along!

Neighborhood News-Rogers Park, Uptown, Chicago Loop, River West, Old Town

Welcome to the first full weekend in May! A convergence of events…from Cinco de Mayo (Thursday, May 5) to Polish Constitution Day and the Kentucky Derby (Saturday, May 7) to Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 8) and you’ve got the makings for an amazing Chicago weekend!

Restaurant Review - Viva Cinco de Mayo and feliz día de la Madre! (Happy Mother’s Day!)

Two holidays come within three days of each other this year, Cinco De Mayo (Thursday, May 5) and Mother’s Day (Sunday, May 8). And Chicago’s restaurants are going all out to honor both… with pasión!

Chicago Home and Lifestyles - Choosing the right light bulb

If you are past middle age like me, you probably get a little confused when you enter the lighting area of the big box store. We have more choices than ever. Gone are the days when incandescent bulbs were the norm, and your only choice was wattage.

The Danger of Over-Leveraging in Real Estate Investments

Leveraging is one of the biggest advantages that real estate investors have at their disposal. In fact, real estate investing is designed with leveraging in mind.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – May’s Arrival Brings Return of Popular Events!

Welcome to another weekend as we bid farewell to April and embrace the arrival of May with its various holiday celebrations sprinkled throughout the month along with some of Chicago’s most popular events returning to the scene live and in-person!

Neighborhood News - Streeterville, Lakeview, Ravenswood, Magnificent Mile, Albany Park

La Dolce Vita…finito! Eataly’s SpringFest, 43 E. Ohio Street, is taking over the Streeterville marketplace on Friday, April 28, from 6pm-11pm as their finale to Vino Month. Unlimited food, unlimited drink, and unlimited entertainment.

Restaurant Review - Spring forward with The Smith!

River North is home to such a place. The owners of this American bistro say “The Smith is the maker. We are all empowered to be makers; makers of great food, great cocktails, great hospitality, warmth, fun, energy and smiles.

Chicago Home and Lifestyles - Peppers and their uses

If you are not familiar with the vast variety of peppers in your market here is a quick guide.

What to Consider When Deciding Between New Home Construction and Resale

If you’re in the market to buy a home, you’ve got choices. Aside from the actual type of property - condo, townhouse, detached, etc - you need to decide whether to take the resale or new construction path to home ownership.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – We’re in For a Warm Treat!

Springtime in Chicago brought snowflakes and chilly temps this past week, but this weekend we’re in for a warm treat! Shed those winter coats, it’s time to get out and enjoy the warm, balmy weather heading our way before the next chill returns.

Neighborhood News - Wicker Park/Bucktown, Lincoln Park, Near West Side, Near North Side, Lincoln Square, River North

With temperatures mellowing, it’s time for fun in Chicago! We’ve got playoff basketball, fun fests, and a creative way to celebrate the rites of Spring in Chicago. Enjoy!

Restaurant Review - Happy Greek and Eastern Orthodox Easter!

The Easter celebrations continue this week in the Greek and Eastern Orthodox churches on Sunday, April 24, and Chicago’s restaurants are going all-out with traditional celebrations for dining out, delivery, or pick up!

Chicago Home and Lifestyles - Yellowing houseplant leaves: causes and treatment

Yellowing leaves are one of the most common problems with houseplants. It is known as ‘chlorosis’ and occurs when something is interfering with the plant’s chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is the pigment that gives leaves their green color.

Building a Deck? Consider These Things First

Extending your living space to the outdoors is a great way to infuse an added dimension to your home and allow you to enjoy it to the fullest. In fact, outdoor living is really getting popular these days, with more and more homeowners adding decks to their homes as a means of enjoying Mother Nature.