THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Kicking This Holiday Season Into High Gear!

It’s time to kick this holiday season into high gear by continuing to celebrate our usual holiday traditions, although much differently this year! After all, there’s only three weekends before Christmas! Who’s ready for some jolly time!!

Chicago Neighborhoods News: Bucktown, Goose Island, Lakeview, Gold Coast, River West

Bucktown: Video games fans will want to put down their controllers and head over to Chicago Gamespace, located at 2418 West Bloomingdale Avenue, to check out the Video Game History Collection.

Restaurant Reviews: Outdoor Dining Holiday Edition

The holiday season is in full stride here in Chicago. While indoor dining is not available, there are plenty of great options to grab a bite throughout the city and partake in this special time of year's festivities.

Kathy’s Home & Garden Tips – Easy Memory Boost

Since the early 1900s, studies have been done to measure our ability to remember. In one study, test subjects were given a list of syllables to memorize. Following the study period, one group was assigned a new list to memorize with no rest, while the other group was given a short rest.

How To Use Mirrors To Feng Shui Your Home

Feng shui is the practice of using spatial arrangement and orientation to create synergistic, harmonious surroundings in a room or home. Mirrors of many shapes and sizes are often used to achieve this because they help bring light and movement into space and move energy throughout a room.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Moving on to the Next Holiday!

Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving! Now it’s time to move on to the next holiday -- Christmas. Here’s what the city has planned for you and your family to continue enjoying our traditional holiday events safely.

Chicago Neighborhood News: West Loop, Lincoln Park, Virtual, Wicker Park

West Loop: With Thanksgiving in our rearview, Christmas is right around the corner. Get in the holiday spirit in a safe, socially distanced way with the Miracle on West Madison drive-in movie experience.

Restaurant Review: Gin & Juice

Tomorrow is Turkey Day, and this year's version is undoubtedly different than any we have experienced before in Chicago. Thanks to the pandemic, traditional large Thanksgiving gatherings aren't recommended this year to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Kathy’s Home & Garden Tips – Late Fall Around the Home and Yard

The weather around Chicago this fall has been unusually mild. Early November saw temperatures in the seventies for almost a week. Many of us took the opportunity to finish cleaning up around the yard and garden to get ready for the winter.

5 Harmful Homeowner Habits To Break

Being a homeowner is one of the biggest milestones in your life. You feel excited and proud to take care of your new house and truly turn it into a home for you and your family. To keep your house in the best shape possible, here are five bad homeowner habits to avoid.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Pre-Thanksgiving Prep and Play Time!

With Thanksgiving arriving this coming Thursday, why not use this weekend to prepare for your Thanksgiving celebration, then kick-back and enjoy yourself! Here are a few prep & play ideas!!

Chicago Neighborhood News: Lincoln Park, Virtual, Wicker Park and Bucktown

Lincoln Park: With so many exhibits and events canceled due to COVID-19, it sure feels like we could all use some color in our lives as winter approaches. You can offset the bleakness by taking advantage of the once in a lifetime chance to purchase poinsettias from the Lincoln Park Conservatory.

Restaurant Preview: Thanksgiving To-Go This Year

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and this year as we all know, it is noticeably different from what we are used to. Traveling to visit friends and family is pretty much out amid the newest wave of COVID-19 cases hitting the Chicago area.

Kathy’s Home & Garden Tips – Stress-Free Thanksgiving

Whatever your plans are in this crazy year, you might be cooking for Thanksgiving, and many of you could be doing it for the first time. No matter if you are cooking for 2 or 20, it can be a stress-free, fun experience where you can actually spend time with your guests while serving a delicious meal.

Why You Should Invest In A Rental Property

Investing in real estate can be a great alternative to traditional investments and many owners choose to rent out their property. Here are some of the top benefits for getting into this line of business!

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Ready or Not Here Come the Holidays!

The holidays are approaching rather quickly; however, with the rise in COVID-19 cases, many of our favorite holiday events have been canceled. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate! So, ready or not, here come the holidays!!

Chicago Neighborhood News: Logan Square, Virtual, Loop, River North

Logan Square: Video game fans will want to head over to Chicago Gamespace, located at 2418 West Bloomingdale Avenue in Logan Square, for the Cyberpunk 2077 exhibit. Every Sunday from 1 to 5 pm, visitors can check out the unique conceptual artwork created for the hit video game, Cyberpunk 2077, developed by Poland-based CD Projekt Red.

Restaurant Review: Sugargoat

Sometimes nothing is sweeter than some much needed TLC for our taste buds, especially with all that Chicagoans are going through due to the pandemic. With so much lousy news coming at us from all directions as of late, we can all use some time to indulge in some decadent and savory desserts that can transport us to a world of sugary heaven...if only for a brief moment.

Kathy’s Home & Garden Tips – Cool Weather Recipes

The winds are starting to howl as the fall heads into winter. There will be a few warm days here and there, but cold weather is coming. The old-fashioned crockpot is an easy way to make a warm tummy-filling meal with minimum fuss and usually only a few ingredients.

Dealing With Scratched Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are highly desirable for most homeowners, but they come with their share of challenges when it comes to cleaning, maintenance, and repairs. After a few months or years of heavy use from kids playing with toys and chairs being shuffled around, it may be time for some DIY fixes.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Welcoming November and Its Local Events!

Now that our “special” Halloween is behind us, it’s time to begin planning for our “special” Thanksgiving. But before we do that, let’s welcome in November with its autumn local events and enjoy the mild weather it’s bringing with it this weekend!

Chicago Neighborhood News: Rogers Park, Logan Square, West Loop, Edgewater, Loop

Rogers Park: As we make our way into tighter COVID-19 restrictions yet again, reminders of what we don't have access to at the moment is almost all-consuming. Take a break from the worry and head over to the Lifeline Theater website for amazing virtual shows and podcasts that bring the joys of live theater to life online.