Restaurant Review – Millie’s Supper Club

“Family, friendly, fun, big portions, comfort foods, doggie bags, great cocktails, comfortable, woodsy atmosphere… all adjectives that can be used to describe real supper clubs. They are happy places where people go to gather with family or friends and that is our plan for Millie’s Supper Club.” This was my introduction to this week’s restaurant, Millie’s Supper Club. After reading that description, how could I be anything but excited?? The atmosphere of Millie’s is lovely. The restaurant is dimly lit, with dark wood booths, candles, and vintage bar stools. It feels old-fashioned and cozy, like stepping into your favorite restaurant. The menu is simple, with lots of down home favorites and comfort food. I knew we had to start with an order of the Fried Cheese Curds: beer-battered Ellsworth Creamery white cheddar curds served with house made ranch dressing. These were absolutely fantastic! The batter was perfectly crispy and light; the cheese melty and gooey. I loved the combination of the rich cheese with the creamy ranch dressing; so tasty! I finally decided on the Cobb Salad: mixed lettuce, bacon, blue cheese, cherry tomato, chicken, chives, and egg. This was great! The portion was huge and all the veggies were fresh and crispy. You can’t go wrong with blue cheese and bacon either! I asked for my dressing on the side, so I could dip each bite into it- yum! My mom decided on the Genuine Broasted Chicken- a house specialty. Millie’s starts with fresh chicken, marinates it overnight, then delicately coats and fries it under pressure to enhance its natural flavor. The chicken is served with broasted potato wedges and coleslaw. This massive plate has a half chicken- breast, wing, thigh, and leg. We definitely could have shared this! The chicken was very juicy and the skin was perfectly crisp. The coleslaw was also very tasty!

Millie’s is closed on Mondays. Tuesdays through Sundays they open at 5 pm for dinner. Find more information about this charming supper club here.