Kathy’s Home & Garden Tips – Get Out the Blue Dawn

Original Blue Dawn dishwashing liquid is a great biodegradable grease cutter and works for so many cleaning jobs around the house. Remember all these tips are using original Blue Dawn. It’s the one with the cute duck on the label— it’s used for cleaning wildlife after oil spills as it’s gentle and effective.

Washing with Dawn is effective. Mix with a little corn oil to remove paint from your hands. Wash your hair once a month with Dawn to remove oil and shampoo residue. Have a run in with poison ivy or oak? Wash with Dawn. It dries up the blisters and prevents them from spreading. Wash the dog with Dawn. It kills fleas on contact!

Merry Maids use Dawn all around the house. Make a great window cleaner by adding one drop of Dawn to a spray bottle of water, then use like any other window cleaner. Also use on ceramic and woodwork. Heat half a spray bottle of white vinegar, then fill to the top with Dawn. Spray on bath and shower surfaces, let work for 15 minutes, then rinse. Footprints on your shower floor? Cover with full strength Dawn and let sit overnight. Scrub next morning with a stiff brush. To unclog toilets, pour in one cup of Dawn. Let sit for 15 minutes and follow with a bucket of hot water poured from waist high.

Outside, Dawn works on any greasy or dirty job because it’s biodegradable. After using kitty litter on driveway stains, follow with a good Dawn scrub. It cleans kiddie pools safely and effectively. It works on big pools too! Pour Dawn down the center. All the dirt, gunk, and suntan oil will fly to the edges for easy clean up.

Dawn can repel pests on plants. One drop in a spray bottle will suffocate pests, killing them more safely than chemicals. Soak tools in Dawn after using. This cleans dirt and grime and prevents rust. You can also use Dawn to make an ice pack. Pour full strength Dawn into a freezer Ziploc. This makes a reusable ice pack that will stay soft when frozen!

Anyone have any other great uses for Dawn?