Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Build Confidence Like A Good Leader

Highly confident leaders do not make it a goal to spread negativity! 

They do not hold themselves back with negative thoughts. Knowing that they are far from perfect, they encourage and look for feedback. Rather than viewing others as competitors in a negative way, they view competition as an opportunity to improve, not necessarily to be best. They also understand that setbacks create success, not prevent it. If you do fail, see it as a learning experience!

Good leaders do not avoid conflict and are not afraid to take a stand. Self-assured people can manage tension or dissent. They know it is the best way to get past differences and move towards resolutions. Doing this means you must be decisive. 

Highly confident people worry about what is right, not who is right. If a wrong decision is made, they deal with it. They are not defensive and do not make excuses. Excuses are an attempt to dodge accountability. They do not hide behind circumstances and own their mistakes. 

Confident people know how to prioritize, avoid wasting time by doing too much, and focus on what matters. Super confident people look for opportunities to celebrate the success of others, not themselves. They do not talk only about themselves. They understand raising others is the best way to success!

Kathleen Weaver-Zech and Dean’s Team Chicago