Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Annual Home Safety Checklist

It’s important to ensure your home is well maintained. I’ve outlined a checklist to help with this yearly task. First be sure to install and maintain CO2 and smoke detectors. They need to be installed outside of every bedroom and on each floor of the house, including the basement.

Find & Clean The Dirtiest Places In Your Home

We all strive to keep our homes clean, but dirt and grime always seems to build up in certain places. It may be impossible to keep every area completely polished, but it helps to know which places accumulate the most germs and are commonly overlooked in our cleaning routines.


Are you ready for another weekend that’s bringing Chicago lots of summer weather and fun? I hope so because that’s what we’re getting!


‘Deep in December, it’s nice to remember…” There’s only one way to enjoy the great Chicago summer, and that is OUTSIDE. As we move to mid-August, take advantage of Chicago’s amazing art festivals and events that let you enjoy the great outdoors and Chicago’s myriad events!

Restaurant Review: R.J. Grunts

On June 10, 1971---50 years ago—Chicago’s restaurant scene changed forever when R.J. Grunts, with its irreverent menu and innovative salad bar-opened across the street from Lincoln Park Zoo. The brash young owner, Rich Melman was dubbed a wunderkind, and the Lettuce Entertain You (LEYE) franchise (currently L Woods, Wow Bao, RPM, Wildfire, etc.) was born.

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Hot weather landscape and garden

All over the country we are experiencing very high temperatures. Rain fall has been spotty at best with many areas in full drought. Keeping the lawn, landscape and garden thriving is still possible without using too much water.

The Best Things About Home Ownership

If you own a home, there was certainly a lot that went into your decision to buy rather than continue to rent. Now you’re enjoying all the advantages of homeownership. Here are the top five.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Still Plenty of Summer Fun to Enjoy!

Even though some kids are preparing to go back to school in a few weeks, there’s still plenty of summer fun to be had this weekend in Chicago. Check it out!!

CHICAGO NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS: Northalsted, Grant Park, Wicker Park/Bucktown, Lincoln Park

Hot August nights are upon us! The ‘dog days’ of summer are back, and you can make the most of them at these events, featuring the best of Chicago’s diverse and eclectic communities!

RESTAURANT REVIEW: Milt's Barbecue for the Perplexed

“At Milt’s, we don’t just feed your body. We feed your mind. From the moment you walk in our doors, you’ll feel it. There’s an energy that runs through the air like electricity, inspiring conversation, connection and community.” Milt’s promise to his customers

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Home maintenance tips

Summer is definitely the season for outdoor activities. However, don’t neglect the indoor tasks that will help to maintain your home. The following list will help you keep your home up to standard.

Stay Healthy This Summer

A few simple tips for improving your personal health. Summer is the time for family vacations and road trips, backyard barbecues, and days at the beach.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Fest Season Back in Full Swing!

This weekend may be the end of July, but Chicago’s fest season is back in full swing! Be sure to take in as many of the fests as you can since summer will be over before you know it!!


Logan Square: Has it been a while since you had your funny bone tickled? Well, head on over to Lincoln Lodge this Friday July 30th, and Saturday July 31st for a fun-filled evening, full of humor and endless laughter! The lodge is popular for its line-up of aspiring, up-and-coming comedians.


If your mornings are filled with a desire for buttery pancakes, look no further. We have just the place to delight your saccharine taste buds. The Original Pancake House is such a place; a restaurant that offers the ultimate dining experience for pancake enthusiasts.

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Dealing with stress

We all have stress whether it is in our business or personal life. We should always realize taht we can decide how to deal with stress instead of letting it ruin our day. Here are some ways to keep the stress in your life from taking over.

Before You Take The Plunge With A Fixer-upper, Think About Resale Value

We’ve all watched the HGTV programs that show a run-down old house transforming into a dream home. Tackling a big renovation project on an outdated property can indeed pay off big—both with the home of your dreams, and with a return on investment.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Dog Days of Summer Continue!

The dog days of summer continue this weekend in Chicago with a line-up of events sure to please everyone!


The loop: The Brew Cruises in conjunction with Revolution Brewing, is back this summer to bring you the experience of a lifetime! As an annual tradition of Chicago during its most sultry days.


Looking for a perfect spot for Weekend Brunch; or tasteful delicacies like sushi and prawn rolls? How about patio/outdoor dining? Well, look no further! Earl’s Kitchen & Bar is outstandingly grand in providing an environment that is conducive for the perfect dining experience.

Chicago Home and Lifestyles - Get rid of those nasty flies!

We are now well into summer and much of the country is in the midst of a dry heat wave. These factors can lead to seeing more flies around than usual. There are ways to take care of these pests without toxic chemicals.

5 Simple Ways To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Summertime is here and it’s bringing the heat! It’s always an option to blast the air conditioner all summer long, but there are ways to keep your home cool that are better for the environment and won’t double your energy bill.