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Chicago Home and Lifestyles – How to keep disagreements civil

It is possible to have a conversation where you don’t agree but neither of you becomes defensive. We can’t always control somebody’s reaction to a situation. It’s natural to defend yourself if you feel your beliefs are being threatened.
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Rookie Mistakes Home Buyers Should Avoid

Think about all those past purchases that you’ve later regretted. And while you may have wasted your money on these items that were seldom used, they pale in comparison to the amount of money you’d be spending on a home.
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THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Pulling Out All the Stops this Holiday Season!

As we enter the month of December, Chicago is pulling out all the stops this Holiday Season for one and all to have a joyful and memorable time! So, let’s get started with this weekend’s batch of holiday favorites!!
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Neighborhood News - A former Chicago precinct became Chicago Children’s Theater in the West Loop

Here’s a riddle for you: When is a police station not a police station? Answer: When it becomes a theater!
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Restaurant Review: Celebrate the holidays with Afternoon High Tea!

Is there anything more elegant than an afternoon spent shopping with friends and family, then sitting down for a soothing cup of tea and delicious sandwiches and baked treats?
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Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Best time to exercise

Well, even though we are just past thanksgiving, the end of the year looms. Many of us are working on next year's goals which for most will include more exercise. Scientists have been studying the best timing to get the best results.
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4 Modern Decorating Ideas for the Holidays

For decades, homeowners have covered their homes in the same two colors during the last month of the year. Greenery has long been used as the base color, with bold splashes of red to provide contrast.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Holiday Celebrations Bring a Magical Time!

Another Thanksgiving is in the books! It’s time to partake in the many remaining holiday celebrations that bring a magical time to Chicago for an opportunity to make lasting holiday memories.
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Neighborhood News: ‘Christmas Around The World’ at Hyde Park's Museum of Science and Industry

Eighty years ago this month, (1942), World War II was raging across Europe and Asia. Back home in Chicago, to honor the brave spirit of soldiers ‘across the pond,' at Hyde Park’s Museum of Science and Industry (MSI), 5700 S. DuSable Lake Shore Drive, curators decorated a single tree with ornaments representing celebrations around the world.
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Restaurant Review – Watch the World Cup at The Atlantic Bar & Grill

With the US Men’s Team in the World Cup for the first time since 2014, what better way to celebrate their match against England on ‘Black Friday,' November 25 at 1pm CT than at a sports bar dedicated to 'futball?'
Photo of a formal dining room table elegantly decorated for Thanksgiving or a harvest themed Fall dinner party.

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Thanksgiving countdown

Hopefully you have found this on our blog site so you will get this on Tuesday. By now you should have most of your grocery shopping done. You may want to pick up a few perishables on Wednesday like rolls, if you’re not baking them yourself, but most of your list can be done on the weekend.
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The Pros and Cons of a Home Addition

Whether your family is growing, or your home simply isn’t meeting your needs in terms of space, you’ve got a couple of options: either move to a larger home with more square footage, or add it to your existing home in the form of an addition.
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THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Chicago’s Holiday Season Welcomes You!

It’s time again to feel the magic of the holiday season as Chicago once again will be full of bustling excitement and seasonal celebrations no matter what holidays you observe! Join us as we welcome you to Chicago’s Holiday Season!!
Photo of the McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade in Chicago

Neighborhood News-Gobbling up the Chicago Thanksgiving Parade

Every Thanksgiving morning, Chicago’s official holiday season gets a super sized start with the Chicago Thanksgiving Day Parade, bright and early.
Photo of Thanksgiving dinner

Restaurant Review -Thanksgiving to go-go! 

Last week, Dean’s Team Chicago brought you restaurants to ease you into your family’s Thanksgiving meal. For those who don’t want to cook on Thursday, November 24, but want to enjoy a great meal in the privacy of your own home, Chicago offers many to-go options for all diets and palates!
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Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Table for Thanksgiving Dinner

Across the country, households are preparing for one of the biggest holidays of the year. Thanksgiving revolves around one big meal, whether that meal is for only a couple of people or an entire extended family.
Photo of a turkey wearing pilgrim clothes is pushing a shopping cart full of presents

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Last Pre-Holiday Weekend – They’re Coming!

Enjoy this last pre-holiday weekend as Chicago’s Holiday Season will be in full swing next weekend and continue right on through to the beginning of the new year!
Photo of Ferris Wheel in Navy Pier, Chicago

Neighborhood News—Versatile Navy Pier, from prison to university to Entertainment Mecca

Today, Streeterville’s Navy Pier, at 600 E. Grand Avenue, is a glittering, indoor/outdoor, year-round mecca of entertainment and fun for all, host to millions of tourists, anxious for a turn on the Great (Ferris) Wheel as it towers above DuSable Lake Shore Drive, or a prime spot for Fourth of July/New Year’s Eve Fireworks, or attending a performance at Chicago's Shakespeare Theatre.
Photo of festive turkey dinner table

Restaurant Review—Make Your Thanksgiving Reservations Now!

Thanksgiving 2022 is still two weeks away (Thursday, November 24), but Chicago’s area restaurants are filling up fast for feasting on Thanksgiving Day. Instead of our usual review this week, Dean’s Team Chicago did a bit of research to find availability at Chicago’s best and most unique restaurants for you!
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Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Errand Dates-A great way to stay connected

As much as we wish there were more, we still only have 24 hours in a day. Much of this time is spent sleeping and working, and that leaves a precious few hours to fit in everything else.
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6 Ways to Boost the Resale Value of Your Home

Regardless of whether or not you’re planning on selling your home in the near future, it pays to make a few updates in order to add value to it. But don’t start dumping hoards of money on major home renovations.
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THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Here Come the Holidays!

Welcome to November and what typically is the beginning of our holiday season here in Chicago. That’s right, ready or not, here come the holidays! So, let’s see what’s in store for us this weekend as the holidays quickly creep up on us!!