A happy mixed race family of three relaxing on the floor and being playful together.

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Learning to relax

We all think we know how to relax, but do we really? We all need more rest than we think but we all aren’t adept at relaxing. We often feel guilty because there are so many things that need to be done.
Wooden kitchen counter with cooking accessories and stovetop

10 Easy Kitchen Projects to Enhance Your Space

The kitchen is the place where we cook, entertain, do homework, and even surf the web. We want it to be functional, but we also want it to be stylish, too.
Cartoon vintage airplane in the air. The pilot joyfully waves his hand.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Popular End of Summer Events!

Not only is Chicago presenting its largest free show of its kind in the U.S. this weekend, but it’s also presenting some of its most popular end of summer events as some kids head back to school next week!
6 planes flying in a v shaped formation

Neighborhood News: 'When I'm 64' - Chicago Air and Water Show

“ Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane!” Is it Superman? Well, the pilots and parachutists certainly are!
A rack of delicious baby back ribs with barbecue sauce, french fries, coleslaw and beer

Restaurant Review: Old Town’s Twin Anchors- 91 Years of Rib-Smacking Goodness

Part neighborhood tavern, part Chicago institution, since 1932, Old Town’s Twin Anchors has maintained its reputation for tender, barbequed baby-back ribs and other BBQ delights.
Frozen tomatoes in a vacuum bag on a wooden table

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Save your summer harvest

This time of year, the number of fresh vegetables is more than you can possibly consume or give away! In our mother and grandmother’s day they would of course can their excess produce.
Kitchen sink detail shot in a modern, renovated kitchen with black window frames, a dark faucet, white cabinets, farmhouse sink, and cozy decor

Things You Should Never Pour Down the Drain in Your Home

Just because you pour something down the drain doesn’t necessarily mean that it will magically disappear through the pipes.
Group of children in the park eating cold ice cream

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Summer Slowly Melting Away?

Unfortunately, summer is slowly melting away but not this August weekend here in Chicago! We’re not ready to give up on summer just yet, and here’s why.
The Bud Billiken Parade, Members of the Jesse White Tumbling Team performing

Neighborhood News: Bronzeville’s 94th Bud Billiken Parade celebrates Back to School and more!

Held annually since 1929 on the second Saturday in August, Bronzeville’s Bud Billiken Parade and Picnic (also known as The Bud Billiken Day Parade) is the largest African-American parade in the United States.
Tuscan salmon fillet in creamy butter garlic sauce with kale topped with crumbled bacon served over fried potatoes

Restaurant Review: Italian delights and adventures await at Tuscany on Taylor

On a recent Sunday night, craving delicious pasta and other Italian delights, several friends and I got together in Little Italy (on Chicago’s West Side) at Tuscany on Taylor, a stylish trattoria serving Italian wines and Tuscan-inspired seafood, pastas and wood-fired pizzas.
Hand with vaseline, self care concept

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Vaseline beauty hints

Vaseline is one of those items that everyone has in their medicine cabinet, and it has not changed since your grandmother reached into her cabinet for it 75 years ago!
Lovely young woman putting soft pillows and plaid on comfy sofa, making her home cozy and warm

7 Affordable Ways to Give Your Home a Luxurious Feel

Just because you’re not filthy rich, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to have a home that you can call “luxurious.”
Rock music festival flat vector illustration

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Ushering in August with More Festivals!

As we usher in the month of August, we still have nearly eight weeks of summer left to enjoy! So be sure to take advantage of this weekend by going out and attending one or more of the many festivals taking place just for you!
PC with rgb keyboard and headphones for gaming computer video games with neon colored background

Neighborhood News: Logan Square’s Chicago Gamespace pays tribute to video games

If Chicago can have a Museum of Ice Cream, an Art Institute, a surgical science museum, and a Museum of Science and Industry, then by all means, it should have a museum devoted to nearly a half-century of video games.
Two meat plates with salad leaves and a summer salad in waiter's hands

Restaurant Review: Give unto others as they give to you at West Rogers Park’s Greenhouse Inn

“How blessed Misericordia’s residents are to know that you…believe in their right to a good life. How blessed we are to claim you as members of our Community – our Family.
Air fryer machine cooking potato fried in kitchen home

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Tips for a green kitchen

Reduce paper towel use. It is easy to grab a paper towel to clean up spills and such in the kitchen, but a reusable cloth or sponge is more eco-friendly.
Happy family celebrating moving day, playful young couple having fun at home, funny activity, laughing husband pushing excited wife sitting in cardboard box

6 Signs That You’re Ready to Be a Homeowner

Ready to buy your first home? Join the millions of others out there who are navigating the waters of real estate for the first time.
Miss you balloons - hand drawn

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Bidding Farewell to Another July Summer!

As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.” So come join us as we bid farewell to the end of another great July summer here in Chicago with the return of some of our favorite street festivals as well as a new event for something different!
Beautiful downtown Chicago at night with lit buildings, river and bridge

Neighborhood News: For summer's 'dog days' there's nothing like a Wendella boat cruise!

During summer’s hottest days, there’s nothing better than cruising along Chicago’s magnificent lakefront, in the Chicago River and out to Lake Michigan. And what makes it even better…
traditional mexican woven basket, chili peppers, avocado and traditional rustic clay jug

Restaurant Review: Beating the heat at River North’s refreshing Tzuco

Now that Chicago is in the official ‘dog days’ of summer, our culinary tastes are turning to fresh, light fare, salads and fruity, thirst-quenching drinks after a long, hot summer’s day.
The best way to get something done is to begin - inspirational phrase on a napkin with a cup of coffee

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – How not to procrastinate

All procrastination is delay, but not all delay is procrastination. Procrastination is when you delay by doing something inconsequential while other more important tasks are ignored.
Happy smiling couple greeting broker with handshake at home

Don’t Do These Things Before Closing on a Home

You’ve found the home of your dreams, put in an offer, and the sellers accepted. The agreement to purchase is signed, and the closing date is set.