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Restaurant Review: Give unto others as they give to you at West Rogers Park’s Greenhouse Inn

“How blessed Misericordia’s residents are to know that you…believe in their right to a good life. How blessed we are to claim you as members of our Community – our Family.
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Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Tips for a green kitchen

Reduce paper towel use. It is easy to grab a paper towel to clean up spills and such in the kitchen, but a reusable cloth or sponge is more eco-friendly.
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6 Signs That You’re Ready to Be a Homeowner

Ready to buy your first home? Join the millions of others out there who are navigating the waters of real estate for the first time.
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THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Bidding Farewell to Another July Summer!

As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end.” So come join us as we bid farewell to the end of another great July summer here in Chicago with the return of some of our favorite street festivals as well as a new event for something different!
Beautiful downtown Chicago at night with lit buildings, river and bridge

Neighborhood News: For summer's 'dog days' there's nothing like a Wendella boat cruise!

During summer’s hottest days, there’s nothing better than cruising along Chicago’s magnificent lakefront, in the Chicago River and out to Lake Michigan. And what makes it even better…
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Restaurant Review: Beating the heat at River North’s refreshing Tzuco

Now that Chicago is in the official ‘dog days’ of summer, our culinary tastes are turning to fresh, light fare, salads and fruity, thirst-quenching drinks after a long, hot summer’s day.
The best way to get something done is to begin - inspirational phrase on a napkin with a cup of coffee

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – How not to procrastinate

All procrastination is delay, but not all delay is procrastination. Procrastination is when you delay by doing something inconsequential while other more important tasks are ignored.
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Don’t Do These Things Before Closing on a Home

You’ve found the home of your dreams, put in an offer, and the sellers accepted. The agreement to purchase is signed, and the closing date is set.
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THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – More Fun in the Sun Continues!

Are you ready for yet another weekend of more Fun in the Sun? We certainly hope so since this weekend is offering just that!
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Neighborhood News: Every Day is ‘Free Day’ at Lincoln Park Zoo!

“Everything we do is rooted in our mission: to connect people with nature.” Lincoln Park Zoo. I never realized how lucky I was as a kid.
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Restaurant Review: For ‘Barbenheimer’ Weekend, Wrigleyville’s Alamo Drafthouse delivers dinner AND a movie

With the twin releases of the highly anticipated ‘Barbie’ movie, a live action film about the iconic doll, and ‘Oppenheimer,’ a very serious look at ‘The Father of the Atom Bomb’ on Friday, July 21, Chicago movie theaters are gearing up for record-breaking weekend, as describes it, “the battle of the bomb vs. the bombshell.”
Frozen vegetables in a plastic bag. Healthy food storage concept.

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Freezer mistakes we are all guilty of

Many people think putting something in the freezer assures freshness forever. This is sadly not the case. You are not saving money buying bulk packages if the food becomes freezer burned or inedible after too long in the freezer. Here are some mistakes to avoid.
Worker is paving a place in the garden.

Clever Landscaping Ideas for Tiny Front Yards

If you’ve got a teeny tiny front yard, you may have already discovered that landscaping can be pretty challenging. Having limited square footage doesn’t mean you should completely ignore this small piece of land
Beach goers at North Avenue Beach in Chicago, Illinois

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Another Summer July Weekend to Enjoy!

Welcome to another Chicago summer weekend! As usual, this weekend offers a variety of events that are sure to please everyone for an unforgettable summer July weekend!!
The Goodman Theatre is a professional theater company in downtown Chicago

Neighborhood News: The Goodman Theatre, home to great drama, comedy

Many years ago, I was a young teen writing about drama for my high school newspaper. One Sunday, I went to my first ‘adult’ play with my friends. It was Peter Shaffer’s ‘Equus,’ with Richard Burton, at the Goodman Theatre.
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Restaurant Review: In the Loop, Petterino’s is a pre-and post-theatre delight

Separated from the adjacent Goodman Theatre by a glass door, Petterino’s is unique among pre-theatre dinner choices thanks to its proximity to both the theatre and parking.
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Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Keep your houseplants healthy

Are you noticing that your houseplants are not looking too perky? Do they have yellow leaves or brown spots? Do they seem like they aren’t thriving?
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6 Ways to Make Your Garden More Eco Friendly

A garden is inherently “green” in nature, so how is it possible to make it any more eco-friendly than it already is?
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THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – A Summer Fest Full Weekend!

Remember, summer is short lived here in Chicago! So, when we have a weekend that’s going to be a “Fest Full” one, we better take advantage of it!! Here’s what it looks like.
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Neighborhood News: Chicago's 'Front Yard'- Grant Park

Named for President and former Illinois resident Ulysses S. Grant, the center of activity in downtown Chicago is a 319-acre playground, proudly referred to as “Chicago’s Front Yard.”
Lou Malnati's Pizza is a famous Chicago-style pizza restaurant chain in Illinois

Restaurant Review: For New Blackhawk Conor Bedard, Lou Malnati’s Pizza is the place to go

For a new Chicago sports star, there’s one question that’s always asked in their introductory press conference: “Hot dog or deep dish?” They asked Chicago Blackhawks’ 2023 #1 pick Conor Bedard.
Minimal and cozy green kitchen with black quartz sink and sunlight

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – The places needing daily cleaning in your kitchen

You may think you take care of everything that needs to be cleaned in the kitchen, but some surfaces get particularly germ filled and grimy and need special attention.