desperate helpless woman sitting on sofa in messy living room

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Household clutter clean up

desperate helpless woman sitting on sofa in messy living room

Spring is a great time to get rid of junk! Every space in your house contains items you either don’t notice are even there or are hanging onto for some reason. Here’s a short list of things to toss. 

Kitchen – There are endless kitchen items that we hold onto because we “may need them someday”. How about that huge pile of plastic grocery bags under the sink, or those cheap tote bags that hardly hold anything? I guarantee that mismatched Tupperware you’ve had for ages can be replaced by some nice stackable containers. Toss all your old spices and herbs, since after a year their flavor is barely there. Take-out menus and seasoning packets just take up space. Old knives that are past their prime. Now’s the time to invest in three good knives, a chef’s knife, a paring knife and a serrated knife.

Bedroom – Here mainly we want to minimize. Pare down all those pillows you bought during your Boho phase. Then we can concentrate on the closet. If you haven’t worn something in a year it has to go. That goes the same for shoes and old shoe boxes. Cheap cleaner hangers are bad for your clothes. Invest in some good ones to protect your clothes. 

Living room – This is mainly a declutter. Newspapers, magazines, and old junk mail can tend to pile up. Try recycling daily. Toss any old plants that have been on the edge of dying for years. Donate those knickknacks, they are only dust collectors. Same with candle holders with no candles and those nearly burned-out ones. 

Bathroom – Some of the clutter here can be somewhat dangerous. Anything here that is expired can make you sick or not be effective. Sunscreen, makeup, medications and even hair products all have expiration dates. Say goodbye also to all those stained towels with holes in them. Watch for department store sales to buy yourself a nice new set of towels. Replace that old nasty bathroom rug with a new moisture wicking shower pad. 

Home office – I bet you have a dozen old chargers or devices with no chargers! Check online for safe disposal for these. Dispose of old pens and markers that are dried out. Digitize your important documents or keep them in see through plastic envelopes. This will let you get rid of those clunky file cabinets. Any supplies for the “creative projects” you have been trying to start for years can go too. Again, use the year code. Anything you haven’t touched in a year must go. 

Let us know what other tips you have for getting rid of clutter around the house!

Kathleen Weaver-Zech and Dean’s Team Chicago