Relaxed African american woman reading a book at home, drinking coffee sitting on the couch

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Enjoy your day off

Relaxed African american woman reading a book at home, drinking coffee sitting on the couch

There are 3 main categories for day-off activities, and they are: relaxation, pleasure, and productivity. (Yes, you do need to be somewhat productive, even on a day off!) You can divide your day into 3 chunks, 3-4 hours each. Depending on when you get up, they will be different. Mine are 7-11am, 12-3pm, and 4-7pm. There are a few hours of slush time for overflow. Then, pick a couple of activities from each category!

Relaxing activities can be anything you would consider restful, calming or indulgent. You can sleep in late or take a nap. You can listen to soothing music or nature sounds. You could just sit by your window with a cup of tea wrapped in a comforter and people watch in your neighborhood. Do something repetitive like doodling, coloring or knitting. Nothing that taxes your brain!

Pleasure activities can sometimes overlap with relaxation activities, but are more focused on fun than rest. Just ask yourself, “What do I really want to do right now?”. Get back to a hobby you love, like playing a game, or doing a crossword or jigsaw puzzle. Binge on a new TV show or rewatch a favorite. Watch a movie but have fun dimming the lights and making popcorn. Bake some bread (it’s easier than you think).  Try a new recipe, make a three-course dinner for your bestie or just yourself. Or just curl up and read a book, fiction or self-help. Do whatever works for you!

Productive activities are things that need to be done, but there is never time in the busy workweek. Or maybe there are chores that you’ve been putting off. Make any phone calls like catching up with friends or making doctor’s appointments. Deep clean a room in your house. Declutter a closet or a kitchen cabinet. Do laundry and mend clothing that needs it. Clean out your inbox. Whatever makes you feel like you can check a box, “done!”.

Stitch together the chunks of activity for your day and you will be surprised at how much you are looking forward to it. It’s great to have a plan for the day instead of winging it. The picture of your day is a lot clearer and more certain. Isn’t that what we all need?

Kathleen Weaver-Zech and Dean’s Team Chicago