Popcorn and various snacks, 3D glasses, TV remote on a brown wooden background

Restaurant Review: For ‘Barbenheimer’ Weekend, Wrigleyville’s Alamo Drafthouse delivers dinner AND a movie

Popcorn and various snacks, 3D glasses, TV remote on a brown wooden background

With the twin releases of the highly anticipated ‘Barbie’ movie, a live action film about the iconic doll, and  ‘Oppenheimer, a very serious look at ‘The Father of the Atom Bomb’ on Friday, July 21, Chicago movie theaters are gearing up for record-breaking weekend, as Variety.comdescribes it, “the battle of the bomb vs. the bombshell.” 

Dinner and a movie is a time-honored tradition, but how about dinner AND a movie in one place? The AMC movie chainshave already cornered the market with their dine-in menus delivered to your seat, but there are others who follow their lead and surpass expectations.

“Forget dinner and a movie, it’s all about dinner AT the movie.”

Another national chain serving dine-in movie goodness is Wrigleyville’s Alamo Drafthouse. The six-screen, 372- seat theatre, opened earlier this year, is going all out with a special Barbie Brunch, which may still have openings at on Saturday, July 22. Their tasty brunch menu includes such specialties as the Breakfast Club, an enticing Blueberry Donut French Toast Bake, or Breakfast Tacos. They suggest pairing these specialties with a brunch cocktail classic like Desert Spring Water or the Coming Up Rosé Fizz. The Barbie Brunch is available to order along with Alamo Drafthouse’ full menu at this special brunch screening. For tickets, click here. 

‘Oppenheimer’  has no special menu, but the Alamo Drafthouse has a full, multi-course menu “prepared from scratch specifically for you.” Yes, you could have a ‘Bottomless Bucket of Popcorn,’ paired with a Bottomless Soda, Iced Tea or Coffee and call it a day, but why? Favorites here include the ‘Royale with Cheese’ Burger,  their Omnivore, Carnivore or Brussels Sprouts Pizzas, or Salads like their Alamo Bowl, freshly made with quinoa, roasted sweet potato, brown rice, black beans, cherry tomato, avocado, and a serrano lime dressing, topped with toasted pecans. Recommended desserts include “fresh-from-the-oven, just-the-way-you-love-them warm chocolate chip cookies.” Pair those chocolate chip cookies with a Salted Caramel Milkshake, and you’ll go home happy! 

There Are Rules

The Alamo Drafthouse tells you to arrive at the theater up to 30 minutes early. That way, you can enjoy their custom-made, ad-free preshow and browse through the menu “while the lights are still on.” 

Arriving early, they say, also lets you reserve your favorite seat, though you can always reserve your seats ahead of time online or through our app.

A word of caution: you may not enter a movie after it has started. The Alamo Drafthouse will happily exchange your ticket for another showtime. 

Alamo Drafthouse is located at 3519 N. Clark Street, Suite C301. For information, movie times, and tickets, click here

Alison Moran-Powers and Dean’s Team Chicago