Low angle view of motivated athletic man running during rainy day

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Low angle view of motivated athletic man running during rainy day

Now, I am definitely not a runner, but I know so many of my friends enjoy running for their main exercise. I’ve done some research and have found some tips for a better running experience. I know some are well known but others perhaps not. In any case, it’s good to take a refresher and make your run more fun and productive. 

Have a good playlist for your run. Music really gets you going and keeps you going. It also can combat mental fatigue which is helpful especially when you need to run after a trying day at work. Keep the beats more than 128bpm. Think: dance party! Not a big music fan? Some people love running to podcasts, or a good audio book. Whatever floats your boat. 

Make sure your running clothes are going to help, not hinder you. Your bottoms need to fit properly so you’re not stopping to pull them up. Thin layers on top are best as you will need less coverage no matter what the weather is as you warm up. Ladies, make sure your sports bra is sufficient to hold everything together. Bouncing boobies can be very uncomfortable. Shoes are of course the most important. It is a good idea to go to a store where you can be fitted by a professional who will understand that running shoes are different than walking shoes.  

Breathing is important. Breathe through your nose for 3 beats then out your mouth for the same count. Be mindful. Running is tough when you are struggling for breath. Search online for breathing exercises for running. 

Of course, you may be huffing and puffing because you are going too fast and for too long. Always start out with a training schedule that will work you up to the level you are looking for. This is most important especially if you are training for long distances. Warm up properly on a stationary bike or do some foam rolling. The warmup is designed to loosen stiff muscles and get the blood flowing.

Before you even jog that first step you should do some strength training. Strength training will help with your cardio while building up your lower muscles in your legs and glutes. You can check out https://www.stylist.co.uk/fitness-health/workouts/strength for some good exercises. 

Track your run. You can use a Fitbit, smart watch or just your phone. Plan a route and pace. You can even virtually run with a friend if you like. Running with someone if possible is always good as it creates accountability.  

Stretching is more important after exercise than before. Some stretches warming up is good but after a long run it’s imperative. It helps you rest and recover from the pounding you receive from running. Do hip flexor stretches. Hips take a lot of punishment in running. Look up post running stretches. 

So if you are considering trying running make a plan and get out there. I’m told there is a great thing called “The runner’s high”. 

Kathleen Weaver-Zech and Dean’s Team Chicago