Plastic bags and containers with different frozen vegetables in refrigerator

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Plastic bags and containers with different frozen vegetables in refrigerator

Have you ever gone to your freezer looking for something and instead got a freezer avalanche? You go to pull out one thing, but everything kind of looks the same, and it all falls out! It’s time to borrow a few items from your home office and get that freezer organized. 

First you will need a sharpie. Label everything you put in the freezer. Even if you freeze things in clear freezer bags it can be hard to tell the difference between fresh tomato sauce and marinara, or different green vegetables. Name and date everything for proper rotation. I make fresh tomato sauce all during the late summer and early fall. Dates help you with the rule “first in, first out”.

Binder clips are your next office supply freezer helpers. They are the best way to keep bags of frozen items closed if you aren’t using the entire bag. They are doubly good to use if you have a wire shelf or two in your freezer. Clip bags to the top or the bottom of the wire shelf. This saves space on the shelf and space under for Tupperware type containers. 

No shelves? Believe it or not, file folder holders are a great space saver and organizer for all items in freezer bags! These are the stand-up L shaped plastic racks, sometimes called magazine holders. Get them online cheaply on Amazon or Staples. Line several along the back wall in the freezer. Label each as veggie, fruit and meat or sauces — or whatever organization works for you. It will keep everything rotated and you will be able to find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. You will also find yourself throwing out less! 

Kathleen Weaver-Zech and Dean’s Team Chicago