Restaurant Review – The Bagel

For nearly 70 years, North Side customers eager to get their nosh on have relied on The Bagel, a venerable Lakeview institution, for fresh lox, bagels and unusual creations featuring cured meats, fresh vegetables, fresh cheeses and freshly baked bread. 

Chef Danny Wolf and his family continues the tradition of home-style cooking and hospitality established by their parents and grandparents. And, according to The Bagel’s patrons, they have mastered the art of ‘building’ a sandwich. 

As Bon Appétit Magazine opined about building a perfect sandwich: “What makes it sing? Architecture. The balance of flavors and textures that make each bite harmonious. The care for logistics that keeps a tomato from sliding out. There’s a reason it’s called “building” a sandwich.”

The proof can be seen in The Bagel’s Reuben Sandwich, with sliced, lean corned beef and sauerkraut piled high and topped with melted Swiss cheese on grilled rye, served with Thousand Island dressing, coleslaw and your choice of side. Or, Grilled Salami and Cheese on rye bread with coleslaw and your choice of side. For something completely different, try one of their Hot Open-faced sandwiches, like their Brisket of Beef, served on white bread with mashed potatoes and gravy. Danny’s Five Star Deluxe combines turkey, salami, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato and thousand island dressing; served on rye with your choice of side and coleslaw. Barb’s Bonanza has corned beef and chopped liver, served on rye with your choice of side and coleslaw. Among your choices: French fried potatoes, fresh fruit, pasta avocado salad potato salad, and potato pancake, made to order and served with sour cream or apple sauce. 

While their sandwiches often reach lofty levels of goodness, the large menu offers so many other worthy combinations for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their Hoppel-Poppel Omelette pairs diced frankfurter or salami, potato, green pepper and onion. Or, Broiled Kippers (smoked herring) with eggs. Chopped Liver is served with raw onion and a tomato slice. 

Fish delicacies are served with dairy-fresh cream cheese, sliced red tomatoes, raw onion, cucumber, green pepper, black olives and your choice of bagel. The Lox Spread pairs cream cheese, blended with smoked salmon and onions, served with tomato slice and a bagel. Or, try their Smoked Whitefish Salad Platter, served with sliced red tomato, raw onion, cucumber, green pepper, black olives and your choice of bagel, sans cream cheese.

Savory Specials include Chicken in the Pot, which is one-half of a tender spring chicken, served in golden chicken broth with matzo ball, kreplach, noodles, rice, cooked carrot and boiled potato.

Google reviewers were often rapturous. 

“Excellent breakfast, lunch and dinner deli/ bakery/full menu restaurant,” wrote one. “First class staff, and owner take care of each customer like they’re the only customer.  Monday special is wild caught salmon.  Thursday is BBQ chicken…vegetable soup is a meal in itself.  My favorite sandwiches are the chicken salad,  and the pastrami. Can’t go wrong here!”

Another said, “Wonderful deli food, good service, reasonable prices, free parking. I ordered a half pastrami sandwich on rye with a bowl of sweet and sour cabbage soup. They know how to please. I left with a smile.”

The Bagel is located at 3107 N. Broadway. They’re open daily from 8am-9pm, and their free parking lot is on Barry. While reservations aren’t mentioned, you can find out more by clicking here.

Alison Moran-Powers and Dean’s Team Chicago