Restaurant Review: Sugargoat

Sometimes nothing is sweeter than some much needed TLC for our taste buds, especially with all that Chicagoans are going through due to the pandemic. With so much lousy news coming at us from all directions as of late, we can all use some time to indulge in some decadent and savory desserts that can transport us to a world of sugary heaven…if only for a brief moment.

If you’re ready to put away the Twinkies and Snickers and get serious about your sweet tooth, head over to Sugargoat, located at 820 West Randolph in the West Loop. The newest culinary offering from award-winning chef Stephanie Izard is strictly for those searching for something wickedly self-indulgent. In other words, dessert is served.

The menu at this recently opened sweet shop would make Willy Wonka rethink his occupational choice. There is something for every taste bud in dire need of a kick in the indulgence department at Sugargoat, and if they don’t have what you crave, they’ll make it. 

If cupcakes are your thing, you’ve come to the right place. Sugargoat provides an onslaught of unique creations that can please even the most discerning confectionary connoisseur. The All the Chocolate Cupcake is just that with chocolate cake, chocolate sauce, chocolate buttercream, and chocolate crumble. The same goes for the Caramel Corn Cupcake featuring caramel corn cake, caramel buttercream, caramel swirl, and caramel corn pieces. If that’s not over the top enough for you, try out the Cheez-it Cupcake, which combines Cheez-it cake, cheddar caramel, strawberry Nesquik buttercream, cheddar caramel buttercream, and peanut butter Cheez-it crunch. Cupcakes cost $3.75 apiece, or you can grab for $15 or a dozen for $45.

Whether you have a birthday celebration coming up or just want to spend some quality time alone, the cakes at Sugargoat are perfect for any occasion. The Avocado Toast Cake is something to behold with a sourdough foundation featuring tomatillo caramel, tomato caramel buttercream, avocado buttercream, and a crumbly sourdough crust topping. A six-inch version of this cake can feed four to eight and costs $40 with additional sizes available. The previously mentioned cupcake flavors are available as cakes as well. Other cake options include their Tie-Dye Cake highlighted by natural and organic dyes and the Pancake Cake that tastes like, well, you can figure that one out. 

If Chips Ahoy isn’t doing it for you anymore, check out the Chocolate Crinkle Cookie with its layer of icing and gooey chocolate center. Oatmeal has its time to shine with the Oatmeal Pickled Raisin Cookie, and the Spiced Pecan Brown-Butter Cookie mixes spicy and sweet to an astonishing degree. These items cost $3.50 for each cookie, or you can bundle them into a dozen minis for $15 or a dozen full cookies for $30.

Pints of ice cream are available at Sugargoat for $9 a pop. With flavors like Coffee & Caramel Swirl, Mint Stracciatella, and Sweet Soy Sesame Ice Cream, among many others, those pints of Haagen Dazs will be relegated to the back of the freezer. 

Sugargoat has something for everyone when that craving for dessert hits. And as we know, needing a burst of sugar can happen at any time. Good thing they are open from 7 am to 7 pm every day. So put away the Halloween candy and treat yourself to something truly delicious at Sugargoat today.