Restaurant Review: Ever

Chicago is home to some of the best food in the world. That isn’t news. However, the cost of a memorable meal is often a deal breaker when it comes to some of the city’s upscale dining experiences. Starting today, you can order takeout from one of the critically acclaimed and expensive restaurants in the West Loop at prices that will make your jaw drop.

Ever, located at 1340 West Fulton Street, offers a to-go menu priced at $55 per person. While not as inexpensive as your local pizza delivery, this is a chance to taste the cuisine of award-winning chef Curtis Duffy. Given that a regular meal at Ever runs about $285 per person, this takeout deal is a steal, letting you enjoy a world-class menu that provides a much-needed break from the standard delivery options many of us Chicagoans have been living off of for months due to the pandemic. 

So what is on the to-go menu at Ever? Chef Duffy created a splendid plate highlighted by his delicious braised beef short ribs. Accompaniment comes in the form of chilled barley salad with dried cherries and fennel, caramelized maitake mushrooms, roasted baby potatoes with smoked paprika, pretzel baguette with house-made butter, and triple chocolate trifle. This excellently curated meal will give your taste buds a much-needed wake-up call thanks to the fantastic blend of flavors from one of the city’s top chefs. 

According to the description, the meal also comes with a surprise or two, which will undoubtedly be an irresistible addition to an already stellar spread. At a price tag of $55, you would be hard pressed to find a more decadent plate to enjoy in the comfort of your home. Each order does require reheating at home, so you can always say that you just whipped it up if you’re looking to impress (be careful, though, as your dinner guests will line up at your door for weeks demanding more.)

You can further enhance this to-go meal with a bottle of red or white wine personally selected by Wine Director and Ever owner Michael Muser. A bottle of red runs $65, and white will cost $45. And if you feel so inclined, there is Ever merchandise you can add to your order in the form of t-shirts, hoodies, and baseball caps. 

With indoor dining temporarily closed across the state due to COVID-19, finding great food gets a bit tricky. Even before the shutdown, price point was often an issue for many to experience some of Chicago’s finest dining. With Ever To Go, this is an ideal time to partake in top-notch cuisine at an affordable cost compared to what one would usually spend for such a feast.

Ever hopes to continue their to-go service for the next few months as we all try to navigate this new normal we currently are experiencing. In the meantime, head over to Tock to reserve your to-go order. You can pick up your order daily from 4 pm to 8 pm.