Restaurant Review: Gulliver’s Pizza & Pub

It’s been months since we were able to write a restaurant review. Thanks to Chicagoans doing a great job of social distancing, the city has been able to reopen restaurants, and many other attractions that remind us of what normal was like before COVID-19. So it is with great pleasure that I made my way to a local eatery in my neighborhood last weekend and once again enjoyed a great meal in the presence of friends.

Gulliver’s Pizza & Pub, located at 2727 West Howard Street in Rogers Park, has been a long-standing establishment in the neighborhood. Known for their delicious pan pizza, Gulliver’s has been in operation since 1965, making it practically a North Side landmark. It had been months since I dined on their pizza, and I was eager to return to a spot that has long offered great food and a one of a kind atmosphere.

With both indoor and outdoor dining now available, my friends and I decided to enjoy the weather and eat outdoors in Gulliver’s spacious and relaxing outdoor patio. Seating followed social distancing protocols, and we didn’t have to wait long to get a table.

Whether you’re a first-timer or seasons regular to Gulliver’s, you simply can’t go wrong their award-winning pan pizza baked to perfection in a brick oven. We ordered a pepperoni and sausage pan pizza and an appetizer platter featuring chicken fingers, mozzarella sticks, and potato skins. Needless to say, after months relegated to being stuck indoors, calories and carbs were not a concern.

The appetizer platter offered high-quality finger food with the mozzarella sticks clearly being the highlight on the plate. We debated ordering another round of the gooey sticks before realizing that the real treat, Gulliver’s legendary pan pizza, was on the way. 

Our server brought the mouth-watering pie to our table and served each of us are perfect slice that oozed with gooey goodness thanks to the two layers of cheese baked in this pizza powerhouse. Each slice felt like a meal in itself. When I thought I could not handle anymore, my taste buds strongly disagreed and took control of my limbs as I reached for another piece. I offered no resistance.

With full and happy stomachs, my friends and I enjoyed some cold beers while the sun basked down on us. For a long moment, it seemed like the pandemic actually left the headlines of our minds, and we laughed as if it was just another summer day. It was a delight to be back outside, sharing stories and smiles along with some of the best pan pizza around. 

The service was excellent, and the environment was picture perfect. I highly recommend Gulliver’s patio, but one should definitely make it a point to dine in as well. The legendary collection of antiques, statues, and lamps that adorn the dining room make this spot a perfect setting for a date night or any family outing.

If you find yourself on the North Side, be sure to grab a bite at Gulliver’s. Heck, even if you’re nowhere around Rogers Park and crave delicious pizza, put Gulliver’s in your GPS and make your way there. It’s worth the travel.

Gulliver’s Pizza & Pub is open Monday thru Thursday from 11 am to 10pm, Saturday from 11am to 11 pm, and Sunday from 11am to 9 pm.