Restaurant Review – Roti Modern Mediterranean

I LOVE Mediterranean food! Generally, it’s cheap and healthy; two things I’m always on the lookout for. This week took me to Roti Modern Mediterranean, a fast casual restaurant with locations all over the US; in DC, the greater Chicagoland area, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Texas, and Virginia. I went to the location in Lincoln Park. The space is beautiful, with huge open windows, white marble topped tables, and plenty of seating. When you walk up to the counter, you can choose to try a “Modern Classic”, a fan favorite dish, or you can Build-Your-Own. I decided to build my own! You begin by choosing your meal: rice plate, salad, laffa wrap, pita sandwich, or flatbread pizza; I chose a salad. Then you choose from a list of proteins: chicken roti, chicken kabob, steak roti, salmon kabob, spicy lamb meatballs, falafel, or vegetable. I chose the chicken kabob. After you choose your protein, they ask if you’d like your salad mixed or plated; I chose mixed. Then you can choose any toppings you’d like! I added the Tomato and Cucumber Salad, Roti’s take on a classic Jerusalem Salad; fresh tomatoes and cucumbers diced and tossed in olive oil and lemon juice. I also added the Red Cabbage Slaw: red cabbage, carrots, and parsley tossed in their house Roti vinaigrette. Then I added Roasted Fresh Vegetables, lightly seasoned and tossed in olive oil. I added pickled onions and fresh cilantro as well! Then it was time to choose my sauce- one of my favorite parts. I chose the Dill, Yogurt, and Cucumber; made with low fat Greek yogurt. I also added the Red S’hug. S’hug is a popular condiment in the Eastern Mediterranean and is made with crushed red pepper, fresh garlic, and cayenne pepper. Then my salad was tossed to perfection! And man oh man was it good. Every ingredient is fresh and the flavors are all simple, yet tasty. I would order again from here in a second! I would love to try more menu items. 

Roti has 10 locations in the city, as well as 8 in the greater Chicago area. You can find more information about Roti’s locations here. Roti is also available for online ordering and catering services.