Is Fall a Good Season to Sell? Yes, and Here’s Why

Rumors are always swirling about when it comes to the best time of year to sell a property. While plenty of people have traditionally believed that the spring and early summer are the bests weeks of the year to sell, there’s no reason why the fall can’t be just as fruitful.

Despite what many people think about the real estate market, the fall can be a lucrative time of year to sell your house.

Consider these three factors:

  • Buyers are back from summer holidays
  • There’s less competition
  • Listing photos will look awesome with fall foliage

Let’s elaborate a bit to show you precisely why you shouldn’t write off the fall season when it comes to listing your home for sale.


Vacationers Are Back From Summer Holidays

No matter what time of the year it is, buyers will always be out there on the prowl for a home. Regardless of the season, when a buyer is serious, they’ll be looking 24/7, even through traditional holidays. With the ability to browse listings online these days, there’s always a chance for a buyer to come across your property, regardless of what month you’re in.

After Labor Day comes and goes, buyers are more focused on their quest for a new home. Once the kids hit the books once again, home buyers are refreshed and ready to get down to business. And the need to be in a new home for Thanksgiving and the holidays in December has typically been a driving force for fall home sales.


The Competition is Less Fierce

As mentioned above, parents are busy getting their kids ready and settled in school in the early fall, and are even starting to stuff their turkeys in time for the holidays. This shifts their focus away from listing their homes, at least temporarily.

Plenty of people still have the mentality that real estate slows right down by October and is pretty much at a stand-still from Thanksgiving until February. As a result, many possible sellers just assume that there’s no reason to list their properties during these months.

This means that if you list your home in September or October, there is less competition out there for you to deal with. You’ll most likely have the benefit of getting more buyers’ attention on your place thanks to a potential seller’s market. And the fewer number of homes on the market, the better your chances of scoring a higher selling price.


Awesome Curb Appeal and Listing Photos

You absolutely cannot underestimate the power of curb appeal and first impressions that buyers get from listing photos. And the fall provides the perfect setting to create spectacular photos for your listing.

You’ve probably already noticed the leaves on the trees are already starting to take on a bright color change. Early fall is a gorgeous time of year with the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows adorning the vegetation.

Color-turning fall foliage can make your property look amazing in pictures. Take advantage of this time of year to take exterior photos for your listing to make your home as appealing as possible to buyers. Just don’t forget to sweep the falling leaves off your driveway and walkways.

At the end of the day, there will definitely be a bunch of motivated buyers during the last few months of the year who are in search of the right house, despite the possibility of there being less inventory. Less competition, more focused buyers, and amazing curb appeal; the perfect ingredients for a successful sale!