Kathy’s Home & Garden Tips – Fall Decorating

While there has been mostly summer-like weather around Chicago lately, it is October. Halloween is not far away and cooler temperatures are coming! There are many ways to bring in fall colors and foliage for decorating inside and out of your home.

Stud oranges with cloves in interesting patterns and tie with raffia. Arrange in a large bowl for a fragrant centerpiece. Use oranges along with other fall themed fruits, like apples and pomegranates. These will smell nice and last in a nice crystal bowl centerpiece for several days.

Pumpkins are now available in many colors and shapes. Additionally,  craft stores have so many choices! Make a pumpkin tower. Find three pumpkins in graduating sizes and different colors. Use a large footed dish or planter for the stack. Place sphagnum moss in between to steady the pumpkins and give contrast.

Hollow out a large, flat pumpkin to use as a planter. Line with plastic and fill with potting soil. Vary the plants by mixing herbs and flowers for an interesting fall feel. If you don’t want to have a growing plant, just use florist foam and buy fresh-cut fall flowers to make your arrangement.

Find some wide, flat pumpkins in unusual colors. Place these on your buffet table as platforms for serving dishes. Different sizes will make an interesting display on the table. You can also use mini pumpkins for candle holders. Hollow out a hole and melt a little candle wax to hold them firmly. You can use larger pumpkins and top with candles in mason jars for illumination along a walkway or stairs. There are many paint effects to use on the jars for a shimmery look. Paint your house number and name on a large pumpkin, arrange with gourds and moss.

Gourds are now available in so many interesting shapes, sizes, and colors. Mix a variety with mini white and yellow pumpkins in a large basket with colorful leaves for an interesting centerpiece. Use a rustic fabric runner to complete the shabby chic effect.

Mums are a great fall flower. They come in a wide variety of colors and will last until the hardest frost. Place in hanging baskets or place a pot on each step of your entryway. Remember to keep them watered even in the cooler weather. Remove spent flowers to keep them blooming longer.