Kathy’s Home & Garden Tips – How Often Do I Clean This?

Many everyday household items don’t get the attention they need. Here are my recommended cleaning suggestions!

Cell Phone– Clean every day! I’ve seen studies that say smart phones are dirtier than toilet seats. Alcohol is best for bacteria cleanup, but check with the manufacturer to make sure alcohol is safe.

Kitchen counters– Also every day. I use a spray cleaner with bleach, but vinegar also disinfects without the harshness of bleach. Always check online if you have special surfaces.

Refrigerator– 4 times a year. Sometimes food items left too long grow mold spores that linger after disposing. Use warm water with a little bleach to disinfect and baking soda for scrubbing.

Dishwasher– Clean monthly. Place ½ cup white vinegar in the top rack and throw a cup of baking soda on the bottom. Run a regular cycle and your dishwasher will be clean and fresh.

Carpets and hard floors– Vacuum carpets well weekly. Sweep or dust mop hard floors daily and wash weekly, as this keeps allergens at bay.

Ceiling fans– Every 3 months. Fan blades will get greasy and attract dust, especially in the kitchen. Dust monthly with an extendable Swiffer.

Toilets– Clean daily with a quick squirt of cleaner or disposable wipes. It only takes a minute!

Towels– After 3 uses, especially in the summer or if you work out a lot. Make sure the towels hang freely to dry between uses.

Shower curtain– Monthly. Wash in warm water and baking soda to prevent mildew and clean soap scum.

Sheets– Change weekly. You need to wash in very warm water to kill bacteria. Vacuum your mattress twice a year. Wash pillows in hot water two or three times a year.

Makeup brushes and sponges– Clean monthly. These items are bacteria magnets!

Furnace filters– Change monthly. Opting for the less expensive filter and changing more often is better. The expensive ones are not worth the money.

Washing machine– Clean every 3 months. Run a cycle with hot water and a cup of bleach.

Fireplace– Yearly. If you use your fireplace often, have a professional clean and inspect it.