Restaurant Review - A Slice of ‘Himmel’s’ in Lincoln Square

A restaurant serving German and Italian specialties? Could these seemingly disparate cuisines co-exist under one roof?

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Keep the water away

Water is literally one of the most destructive materials on the planet. The same soft liquid that you bathe your precious children in carved out the Grand Canyon. I’ll never forget at my first home inspection as a Real Estate Professional an old inspector uttered those famous words, “Water is not our friend”.

8 Simple Ways to Update Your Home

There's probably something in your home that needs updating especially if you can't even recall the last time you switched things up. What could have been hip back in the day is undoubtedly displeasing today.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Outdoor Summer Fests Close Out July!

There’s no denying that Chicagoans love their summer and being outdoors. In fact, this weekend is filled with outdoor summer fests as we close out the month of July in true summer fashion!

Neighborhood News - If Music Be the Food of Love, Play on in the Chicago Loop, River North, and Millennium Park

And on…and on…this weekend offers the best music throughout the city. Have fun at crowded Lollapalooza, purse your lips at ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and finish your weekend with a Venetian Boat Parade!

Restaurant Review - “Choose your own adventure” at Lincoln Park’s Galit

Galit (in Hebrew, Fountain) is a Middle Eastern Restaurant in Lincoln Park, owned and operated by Andrés Clavero and James Beard Award-winning chef Zachary Engel. It’s not every day that you can find a restaurant with a sense of humor with a Michelin star, but Galit has found the sweet spot in balancing outstanding cuisine with a true sense of humor.

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Things Your Cleaning Service Would Like To Tell You

Many of us are considering or have already hired a person to clean our house. Something only done by the wealthy twenty years ago has now become commonplace for those of us in the middle class.

5 Tricks to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

For the majority of homeowners today, having a large, bright kitchen could be a dream come true, but tight budgets and small kitchen spaces can be quite challenging to overcome.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Another Jam-Packed Summer Weekend!

It’s another jam-packed weekend here in Chicago with a variety of outdoor and indoor summer festivities sure to please everyone! So, plan your weekend wisely for a thumbs-up good time!!

Neighborhood News-Food, glorious food in Rogers Park, Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, Streeterville, West Loop, Chicago Loop

If there’s a theme to this week’s Neighborhood News, it’s FOOD! Chicago’s neighborhoods are home to world-renowned restaurants, quality street vendors and food trucks. But a museum devoted to ice cream?

Restaurant Review—The Harding Café, a hidden gem in Albany Park

A leisurely walk in any Chicago community can yield great rewards. On Sunday, my husband and I were in Albany Park when we stumbled on the Harding Café, a small, family-owned spot serving up spectacular breakfasts and lunches seven days a week.

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Good habits to enrich your life

We all have habits. Unfortunately, for many of us the habits are often not too good for us. I ran across this list a while back and I think it contains a good cross section of habits that will certainly make you healthier, organized, and just better all around. I’m doing a few already and plan to take on more soon.

How Solar Lights Can Light Up Your Exterior & Save You Money

Exterior lights have a variety of uses for a home. They light up pathways to help residents and guests see at night. They add to the ambiance of a home, casting light on landscaping and illuminating the front of a home.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Enjoying Every Moment of Chicago’s Summer!

Have you been enjoying Chicago’s summer thus far? I hope so because we’re already half-way through July and the kids will be back at school before you know it! So, get out there and enjoy every moment of what summer has left to offer us!!

Neighborhood News-Celebrating summer and Bastille Day in Lincoln Park, Navy Pier, Union Park, Roscoe Village, Old Town, Chicago Loop

Where else but Chicago could you celebrate a French national holiday, judge Chicago’s best burger, immerse yourself in fine art, and see up-and-coming musical talent and national headliners in a single week?

Restaurant Review—Storming Venteux Brasserie Café & Oyster Bar on Bastille Day

Ce’st Magnifique! (It’s Magnificent) Chicago’s French Restaurants are celebrating Bastille Day. Why do we celebrate? Because the Bastille, a prison in France, had come to symbolize the harsh rule of the Bourbon monarchy in 1789.

Chicago Home and Lifestyles - Midsummer landscape

July 4th has come and gone. We often think that summer is halfway over although we still have a couple of months to go. Around much of the country we can experience dry conditions.

Most Frequent Regrets of First-Time Homebuyers

When looking at houses, first-time homebuyers have a lot in common. They frequently fall in love with a house right away and become overly emotional. When they lose a bidding war, they feel overwhelmed and devastated.

THIS WEEKEND IN CHICAGO – Return of Popular Street Festivals!

It’s time to hit the pavement again as some of Chicago’s popular street festivals are back live for the summer of 2022! It’s been a long two years without them so let’s show our support by attending the following festivals taking place this weekend!!

Neighborhood News - Chicago Park District, Chicago Loop, Lincoln Square, River North, South Loop

So many events…so little time! We love our summer in the city. Where else can you find the variety of activities that Chicago provides?

Restaurant Review—Ho-Ho-Ho! Celebrate Christmas in July at the Walnut Room and the Hubbard Inn

As the temperatures climb above 90 degrees this first week in July, there’s nothing like the thought of Christmas snow to cool you off, right? But how did this crazy tradition start?

Chicago Home and Lifestyles - Recycle tea bags

We are all eager to reuse everything we can and to especially use something natural! Tea has natural antioxidants as well as deodorizing properties. Here are several ways to use those spent tea bags.