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Doctor supports kidneys healthy concept design

The health of our kidneys is often overlooked. Most times, focus is on heart healthy food or heart healthy exercise. Of course, doing things to keep your heart healthy will benefit the entire body, but there are things that you can do specifically to promote kidney health. Kidneys perform the vital function of removing waste from the blood.

Many over the counter medications can have an adverse effect on the kidneys. Ibuprofen and naproxen can raise your risk for chronic kidney disease. Be careful not to take too many or too regularly. Talk with your doctor about chronic NSAID use. Antibiotics can be problematic too for the kidneys. Antibiotics are only effective for bacterial infections and need to be used sparingly. Herbal supplements are often thought of as safe, but many can affect other medication you take or your health in general. They also are not as regulated as other medication so it’s best to tell your doctor all the medication you take including supplements.

Be careful what else you put in your body. A healthy diet and exercise are of course the way to go for kidney health too. Too much fat and sugar in the diet can put a strain on the kidneys. Excess salt can lead to high blood pressure and that along with diabetes are the two top causes of kidney disease. Consume Alcohol in moderation as it is dehydrating which can clog up filters and cause infections in the kidneys. Speaking of hydration, drink plenty of water! It gets needed nutrients to your kidneys and removes waste through urine.

Also, find out your risk of kidney problems. It can be hereditary, so it is good to tell your doctor about any kidney problems in your family. They can suggest certain additional tests at your annual physical. Many kidney problems can be helped or even cured by early detection. So be a partner with your doctor to keep your kidneys healthy!

Kathleen Weaver-Zech and Dean’s Team Chicago