Photo of two beautiful women shopping in supermarket

Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Errand Dates-A great way to stay connected

Photo of two beautiful women shopping in supermarket

As much as we wish there were more, we still only have 24 hours in a day. Much of this time is spent sleeping and working, and that leaves a precious few hours to fit in everything else. Oftentimes spending time connecting with loved ones gets pushed down the list of tasks. We know that time spent with these people is a key component to a long, well-lived life, so it is important to find a way to fit it in. 

One way to do this is errand dates. Think about the everyday chores we need to do. There’s grocery shopping, cleaning your space, and laundry. An errand date is a great way to tick off your tasks while spending time with loved ones! These errand dates work for spending time with roommates, best friends or relatives. 

Connect with someone you haven’t seen for a while. Ask them what errands they need to go on in the next few days. You can join them grocery shopping (other shopping too, like for clothes or furniture). Go along to the gym, get your cars washed or go to Home Depot for hardware and such. This is a guilt free way for two people to make good use of their time and spend time together! But, don’t forget that you’ll also need to help others tick off items on their errand list too, it’s not one-sided. Thankfully most of us run the same kind of errands. Can you imagine how happy an elderly relative would be with a trip to Target? And you’ll take care of your list too!

An errand date can actually be a romantic date, but try to wait until the relationship is past the initial stages. You can really learn a lot about a person grocery shopping as opposed to dinner and a movie. How do they handle sitting in a long line? How do they deal with obnoxious children running shopping carts into them? It will definitely give you a clue about their level of patience. 

In any case, make sure to share your intentions behind the errand date with the other person. They may feel less important when you ask them to join you on errands when your intention is the opposite. They need to know this is quality time carved out for them that benefits you both! Regardless of your situation, you may benefit from trying an errand date the next time you want to hang out with someone but have way too much to do. 

Kathleen Weaver-Zech and Dean’s Team Chicago