Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Dealing with stress

We all have stress whether it is in our business or personal life. We should always realize that we can decide how to deal with stress instead of letting it ruin our day. Here are some ways to keep the stress in your life from taking over. 

Stress is an emotional or mental strain coming from demanding or adverse conditions. Humans are the only creators that can surmise what may happen in the future and we can therefore become stressed in anticipation of an adverse outcome. Humans can imagine entire realities in their heads. All that thinking about what might happen next is stressful. Perception can be a catalyst for stress. Therefore, two people faced with the same stressors can react quite differently.

Stress is based on our perception of what is going to happen next. If the stressors are threatening, our body will release hormones to help face it. But if we feel in control of the situation we don’t need to be on full alert. Focusing on what we can control can lessen stress for an uncertain future. Considering the situation we have faced over the past year; many have found that goal setting can help with alleviating worry and stress. Worried about your job? Perhaps learning a new skill can give you a sense of control over the situation. Concentrate on things you can control. 

Another way to combat stress is to embrace it. Speaking in public can cause enormous stress for many people. Use that to your advantage. Imagine that your racing heartbeat is bringing more oxygen to your brain to help you perform better. When people see stress as a negative it has a far worse impact on their health. If you perceive stress as a normal part of pursuing your goals, there isn’t the negative impact on health. It is all in how you think of the stress. It can be something that empowers us to be our best. 

When we start to pursue stress deliberately and on our own terms, we can harness it for peak performance. When you intentionally push yourself through stress and you then schedule rest and recuperation, your capacity to endure more stress increases. Knowing you have a good break coming will help you push harder during periods of exertion. Decide how much work do you accomplish before vacation; or even just before the weekend. This controls the stress instead of letting the stress control you. Seek the stress that will further your goals but make sure to schedule recuperation time. This way you stay in control.