Chicago Home and Lifestyles – Magic Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets smell great and have many uses beyond de-wrinkling and softening our clothes. Even sheets already used can have some life in them.

The softening agents and the material the sheets are made from make them great for cleaning several things around the house. Add a few drops of water to a sheet and use to remove soap scum in the shower. It also works well on water-spotted faucets and other chrome fixtures too. Throw a sheet in the toilet and use the brush to scrub all around and under the rim for a sparkling bowl. Bugs on your car? Use a dryer sheet on the wet paint to soften and remove those bug carcasses. Burnt on food in a pan? Place a dryer sheet in the bottom and add water to cover the burned area. Leave overnight, and the following day the pan should clean with minimal scrubbing. 

The scent of the sheets can freshen many places and items around the house. Place some in drawers, closets, and shoes. Keep trashcans smelling fresh between cleanings by placing a sheet at the bottom of the bin. Traveling this summer? Place sheets in the luggage to keep that musty smell from clinging to your clothes. Scatter a few in the inside of your car. The scent is less over-powering than those pine tree-shaped ones we often use. Just remember to change the sheets monthly.

Dryer sheets also have anti-static properties. You can dust wood baseboards, trim, and doors, and they will repel dust longer. Wipe down furniture and get rid of pet hair and lint. If you do any hand sewing, wipe the thread and needle with a dryer sheet to ensure smooth tangle-free sewing.

Most dryer sheets contain linalool (found in lavender) and beta-citronellol (used in citronella candles). You can stick them in inconspicuous areas around the house. They will impart a pleasant scent and repel bugs and other critters from coming in. 

Do you have any other uses for these “Magic” sheets?