Restaurant Preview: Hardbittenn

Lululemon Lincoln Park and LPX Fuel Space continue their unique Chef Series collaboration in April with special guest Halee Raff of Hardbittenn. You can check out her amazing culinary creations on April 24 at Lululemon Lincoln Park, located at 944 West North Avenue, from noon to 3 pm. 

Raff created Hardbittenn at the beginning of the pandemic as a way to offer her delicious meals to those looking for restaurant-quality food delivered at home. Word quickly spread of her skills resulting in Hardbittenn becoming a must-order food service in Chicago, along with Raff’s weekly dinner series and cooking classes.

When one thinks of Hardbittenn, pop tarts definitely come to mind. The pop tarts created by Raff aren’t the regular old treats you toasted as a kid. Oh no. Hardbittenn has upped the pop tart game to new levels with scrumptious flavors like banana and chocolate, Nutella and raspberry, apple pie, blueberry and lemon curd, and bacon, eggs, and cheese (yes, you read that right), to name a few. You might not want to let the kids have a bite because you’ll get stuck having to order these dreamy tarts for the rest of their childhood and ditch the Kellogg brand sitting on the shelf.

The Chef Series taking place on the 24th will feature something extraordinary courtesy of Raff’s imaginative palate and know-how. Those picking up their Lululemon Lincoln Park orders will enjoy pistachio honey, carrot cake, and one classic apple pop tart, as well as a tart featuring prosciutto gruyere and truffle oil. Who knew pop tarts could be so extraordinary and classy?

It doesn’t end there, though. Besides the pop tarts, ticket holders will also receive a decadent slice of cookies and cream cake, a buffalo chicken mini pie, two brown chocolate cookies, and a piece of Neapolitan triple-layered pie. If you have a sweet tooth or know someone who craves all things rich and tasty, be sure to grab a ticket to this one-day-only event. Tickets are $60 plus fee and sales tax, and orders can be picked up from Lululemon Lincoln Park on the 24th when you select a pick-up time online.

Raff attended Johnson and Wales culinary school, graduating in 2014. From there, the talented chef worked in many of Chicago’s favorite Michelin-starred spots, including Tru, Naha & Brindille, Momotaro, and Sixteen. The beginning of the pandemic brought a change to the entire restaurant scene in the city, as we know all too well. The shutdown created an opportunity for Raff to create her mouth-watering meals and sweets for those looking for something more elevated than the typical take-out we have been relegated to for over a year. The result was Hardbittenn, which provides delicious meals and cooking classes, in-home chef experience dinners, and more.

Check out Hardbittenn’s Instagram page to see what they are cooking up each week for their rotating, seasonal dinner menu for two guests. And if you have any event coming up or just want to give your taste buds a reason to celebrate, order some of Hardbittenn’s pop tarts, giant sweet rolls, pies, and cakes from their website.

If you haven’t had the chance to dine on what Hardbittenn brings to the table, get your tickets for the Lincoln Park Chicago Chef Series with Hardbittenn on April 24.