Restaurant Review: Superdawg

For over 70 years, Superdawg has had customers returning for their delicious take on classic Chicago cuisine. Whether you crave hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, malts, shakes, or all of the above, this Windy City treasure, located at 6363 North Milwaukee Avenue in the Norwood Park neighborhood, is worth the trip each and every time. 

Whether you are a frequent customer or have yet to try this longstanding hot dog institution, Superdawg is pretty much the ideal spot to get a perfect Chicago hot dog. Their Superdawg is pure beef hot dog meaning no pork or any other weirdness disguising itself as a hot dog. Decorated with a symphony of trimmings, including golden mustard, chopped Spanish onions, relish, a hot pepper, and a Dill pickle perfectly situated in a poppyseed bun, this dog delivers memorable taste from the first bite to the last. 

Accompanying the Superdawg is the always reliable Superfries stuffed next to each other like cozy travelers in the famous Superdawg box, which features a brief history of the famous drive-in. If there could be any complaint about this heavenly duo, it’s that box may be a bit small to contain the plethora of classic flavors it holds inside, so be observant when attempting to take your dog out without ripping into it. Overall though, this “issue” is easily forgivable. 

Don’t think that despite the name Superdawg is strictly for hot dogs. The Superburger indeed lives up to its name with 100% freshly-ground beef, all the necessary trimmings, and, of course, the ever-present Superfries right alongside it. If your stomach is as big as your eyes when studying the menu, don’t hesitate to make it a double with their Whooperburger or add cheese to make it a Whoopercheesie. You simply can’t go wrong, and any worries about not finishing will quickly be eliminated after the first glorious bite.

Tired of dogs and burgers? That’s a strange sentiment in these parts, but no worries, Superdawg has you covered with tasty choices that stand right alongside the favorites in terms of flavor and quality. The Superchic (yea, a bit on the nose with the theme, but the food always backs it up) is a delicious charbroiled skinless, boneless breast of chicken served on a roll with grilled onions and a pickle. While many would offer a sideways glance at anyone ordering fish at a hot dog joint, there’s no reason to fear here. The Supershrimp featuring granddaddy-sized shrimp and sauce or the Superfish made of deep-fried boneless Cod, tartar sauce, and a kosher Dill pickle are excellent choices.

Indulge in Superdawg’s mix of cold and creamy malts and shakes that are so delectable it doesn’t matter if the temperature barely rises above zero. Brownies, cookies, and root beer floats are well represented here too. Do yourself a favor and order one or more of these savory desserts next time you visit. It’s so good that your sweet tooth won’t mind helping to pay for the next dentist appointment.

Superdawg is open Sunday through Thursday from 11 am to 1 am, and Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 2 am. Just look for the giant rooftop figures of two smiling hotdogs, and you’ll know you reached this historic drive-in delicacy.