Kathy’s Home & Garden Tips – Easy Fall Decorating

Check out the grocery store first for decorating items. Large and small pumpkins are available, as well as squashes of all colors, shapes, and sizes. You will also find so many varieties of apples and pears. From red to gold and green- they’re all fall inspired! Gather several different colored pears and apples to display in bowls for a centerpiece. Use a red or orange piece of cloth for a runner. Add pinecones, in-shell nuts, and fall leaves. Add low candles in fall colors for a warm glow.

Fall plants are a great addition to your front door décor. Mums come in so many colors; you can do a display in any shade from white to red. With a little care and watering, they will have beautiful color till the snow flies. Variegated Croton is an annual that has large, colorful, shiny, striped leaves. Their colors are very fall oriented and tolerate cool temps. Ornamental cabbages (like kale) and plants (like gray white Dusty Miller) pair well for fall inspired arrangements. Pair these with pumpkins and squashes for a beautiful front door décor.

Search garage sales and thrift stores for small vintage frames. Find some leaves in great fall colors with interesting shapes. Press them under a weight till dry. Place in the frame with a bright background. Go through your old photos and frame some to make a display with the leaf frames and then arrange on a table or wall.

Glass hurricane lamps are very versatile. Start with a tall orange or red candle. Decorate by adding different items around the candle base. Try small acorns or assorted in-shell nuts. Check out the vast array of dried beans, they come in many colors and sizes. Or try my favorite: candy corn! Be careful when burning the candle so you don’t burn the base.

Craft stores are, of course, a wonderful place to find fall decorating supplies. Faux pumpkins come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. Stack three white pumpkins in a planter, like a topiary, and decorate with greenery. You can keep this out well into winter. Pick up some decoupage and decorate faux pumpkins with fall colored fabric. Get the kids involved decorating their spaces for fall too! Have fun!