Kathy’s Home & Garden Tips – Oxiclean: A Cleaning Miracle

I am a relative newbie to the awesomeness of Oxiclean. It is marvelous! I had an old bedroom curtain from my mother-in-law that had seen better days. It was covered with years of old dust and dirt and was smelly to boot. I remembered that old commercial where they dip the yellow curtain in the solution and it comes out white! And it really works!! Not instantly of course but with a little soaking, the curtain looks like new. Oxiclean is much safer than bleach and can be used on most colors and fabrics. Always test first if you’re not sure.

Oxiclean has four basic ingredients. Bubbling oxygen bleach breaks down protein bonds and decolorizes stains. Ph-boosting sodium carbonate softens and separates layers of dirt. Surfactants emulsify and wash away oily compounds. Anti- redisposition agents prevent stain particles from attaching to anything else.

There are many products that contain Oxiclean. They are useful in their own right, but I use the regular stuff in the big tub. It can be used on virtually any surface to clean and deodorize. Every tub comes with a measuring cup. For hard surfaces (like tile and floors), mix one measuring cup full into four gallons of water. Apply using a sponge, brush, or by pouring directly onto the surface. Let stand for a few minutes (up to 30) but try to not let it dry. Rinse with cool water. For grout, make a paste to brush on. For carpet and upholstery, fill the cup to line 1 and combine with 16 ounces water. Pour onto carpet stain and let stand for 2-5 minutes. Blot with a white towel and repeat as necessary. Do not pour directly onto upholstery; instead apply with a white towel and blot out stain. Then blot again with a clean white towel. For every wash load, add half the measuring cup. For tough laundry stains, soak with a measuring cup full per one gallon water. Soak for 1-6 hours (best results with 6). Wash with detergent and more Oxiclean.    

There are many more uses for Oxiclean from patio furniture to trash cans to baseball uniforms. Check them all out at oxiclean.com. Click on the “How to Use” tab. Oxiclean is also a great deodorizer with natural oxygen, so it’s wonderful for odors from musty towels to smelly work out gear. It’s also safe for the environment.